Whats the first thing i should knit?

People often suggest that you start with a scarf, and that's, in fact, an excellent project for beginners because it's flat-knit, shapeless. Still, if your choice of wool is a DK weight or thinner, it will take a long time to finish more than 60 inches (more than 150 cm) of fabric. You can learn all of this with a simple project to produce a woven square. You'll also need some basic knitting tools to get started.

Don't do your best at first, just pick up a pair of needles (US, S. Size 6 to 8 is perfect for beginners), a ball of yarn (average weight is easier to learn), and a crochet hook or yarn. The rest will come later, so save money until you get in there and have a better idea of what you need (or want). Once you have the basics, it's time to choose your first project.

It's a good idea to start with something small and flat that doesn't require shape. Scarves are a good place to start because they are so long that they force you to really know the basics. In addition, tea towels are fun and quick projects that simply require you to tile a flat square. Both are also useful projects and keeping your finished knitwear in your line of sight is a great motivation to keep knitting.

Patterns are usually labeled with the level of knitting skill to help you choose a good beginner project. Many weavers enjoy the weaving process more than these finishing tasks. It's true that they're not much fun, but you can't enjoy what you've created without them. Learn to love (or at least enjoy) these skills and avoid a lot of unfinished projects.

Try not to assume too much at once, but don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Remember, knitting is little more than making a series of loops along a row of stitches. Most patterns are very good at explaining complex or unique techniques, and you can always look for the answers. You'll also want to learn about the correct stitch orientation so that you can put the stitches back on the needle correctly if (and when) they fall out.

All the weavers before you have probably had the same questions and most are willing to help. Knitting Paradise is a great community to answer your questions. You'll also find Ravelry to be an excellent source. It's like a social network for yarn lovers.

If you want to use this knitting project in your daily life, try using it as a coaster. Or knit a bunch and sew them into a bag, table runner or scarf. You can also keep knitting and knitting until you get a long piece and have your first scarf. I've seen people recommend sweaters, mittens or socks for beginners.

While you can try to knit them, in my opinion it's not a good idea. Why? Because aside from some more advanced techniques, you also need to know a lot more about shape and size. And you don't want to start knitting a sweater and end up with a tent, do you? ???? Another classic and very useful thing for knitting as a beginner are pot holders or kitchen towels. Why? First of all, they are very quick to finish.

Then you can choose very inexpensive cotton or acrylic yarn (in fact, it is recommended) and they can be a more sustainable option. Why? Well, you have to keep challenging yourself. Because otherwise, you'll be knitting tea towels for the rest of your life and I'm not sure your family is big enough to find a home for everyone. Socks have a small diameter and are usually knitted with very small needles.

Therefore, they are not a good option.