Is it better to knit or crochet clothes?

Knitting: The Good You can make beautiful draped garments in knit and the overall look of the fabric is denser (fewer holes) and thinner than traditional crochet.


works best for garments worn close to the body where you don't want to have excessive bulk, such as thin sweaters, gloves, and socks. As someone who has been knitting since I was 8 years old and knitting since I was 13, I want to end this argument for good. Most people associate handmade clothing with weaving.

Weaving creates a soft, supple fabric that is best suited to tight-fitting garments such as sweaters, socks, scarves, and dresses. Crocheting creates a more voluminous and textured fabric, which is better suited to sturdy items such as bags, hats and rugs. A knitted sweater (left) compared to a crochet sweater (right). The best way to decide between learning to knit or crochet is to think about the types of things you want to do.

Choose to knit if what you most want is to make clothes, whether for adults, babies or children. Crocheting is faster and easier otherwise. It is ideal for making blankets, household items, toys or lace. The yarn costs the same amount and, in most cases, a beginner knitting kit will cost about the same amount as the crochet equivalent.

Crochet stitches tend to be larger than their knit counterparts, which means that less time is needed to create the same surface area. If you commit to knitting, the most profitable investment you can make is to buy a set of interchangeable knitting needles. If you want to fill your closet with a wide variety of handmade clothes, then knitting is the best option. First of all, many knitting techniques require a crochet hook (such as a tentative throw or some ways to lift stitches) and vice versa.

She is making beautiful crochet blankets for her new arrival with a multitude of colors, so I think the baby will be charming and cozy. You can make the same items with the fabric, but the patterns are much more complicated and time consuming. If you dream of filling your closet with handmade sweaters, cardigans, socks and gloves, then knitting is the best craft. Once you have the simple stitch trick, if you want to try a sweater from top to bottom, a hat is ideal to do it first, since you are used to knitting in the round %26 works first.

There is also a differentiation between the “right side” and the “wrong side” of your knitting, which is not so much of a problem in crochet. But I do have some things that I prefer to knit (socks) and others that I prefer to knit (amigurumi). If you want to knit a wide range of projects, you'll need a variety of types and sizes of knitting needles, as well as a range of specialized yarns and tools. Self-taught crochet, now belongs to a group and learns to knit (yes, Continental is ideal for crocheters).

While it's possible to crochet cables, they won't look as sharp and advanced cables will be quite difficult. I learned to crochet and haven't stopped since, except for an injury that caused me to relearn everything and adjust so as not to cause pain.