How do people knit quickly?

Move up the stitches of the left needle. Turn your fingers into a conveyor belt. Work on your posture, take breaks %26 don't forget to stretch. That is, I held the thread in my right hand and “pulled the live thread around the right needle to create my stitches”.

I would transfer my needles to my left hand, use my right hand to wrap the yarn around my right needle, and return the right needle to my right hand to knit the stitch. There are many ways to wrap the thread between or around the fingers of the left hand. Some people even like to wrap the thread around the wrist. Regardless of how you choose to tension the yarn, the important thing is that the thread runs through your index finger to the point, and that the amount of tension is right for you.

I like to knit the yarn under and over my fingers so that it goes through the top of my index finger to the stitch, but you might find a different method that works better for you. As mentioned above, if you spend more time knitting on a daily basis, you will finish your projects sooner and practice regularly, which will make you a faster weaver. Efficient movement and transitions is where most of my speed improvements have come. When knitting a stitch, a needle tip is placed in a loop of the other needle.

It then wraps the thread around the tip of the needle and pulls it back through the loop. In that process there are a lot of movements and then transitions between those movements, and that's where you can find efficiency. Observe each of these movements individually and see if there is anything you can do to make it smoother. Can you hold the needle or thread differently? Can you change the way you tighten the thread, around which fingers? Can the needles be angled to make them easier to handle?.

When you're weaving a deadline, a little pleasure goes out the window. A few years ago, I wrote a book about knitting and I had to make 10 sweaters in 6 months. The deadline for the manuscript was there, in the contract that I knowingly signed, signed and committed to finishing on time. I worked with the people at Skacel to develop the exclusive addi Turbo Rockets fixed circular assembly a few years ago, and it remains my preferred needle set for everyday projects, with or without a deadline.

I never have to look for a common missing tip for me with interchangeable sets and the length 32 is ideal for everything from shawls to sweaters in the round, or anything that works flat into pieces. However, it makes my weave a little slower and more uncomfortable looking than if I were using my normal setup, so don't let that discourage you from researching another style if you see something you like. The two people I mention in the video are The Yarn Harlot toggle fabric - please go and see this as it's a really beautiful thing and then keep that going by looking at Eunny Jang and her gorgeous continental fabric. I never knew any other method of weaving except the continental one, although my grandmother from Germany called it “European”.

Portuguese %26 Peruvian Knitting styles tension the yarn around the back of the weaver's neck, or on a knitting pin (worn on the weaver's clothing on the shoulder). It's not uncommon for it to take weeks to understand, let alone find a rhythm that competes with your normal weaving speed. Most of the tutorials show you how to do the stitch once or twice, and then just do quick stitch through the rest of the video. Like all skills, knitting requires practice, and the more often you're knitting (practicing), the better you'll do it.

After the industrial revolution, weaving became one of the “domestic arts” performed by upper-class women. But how can you get more time for knitting? Maybe you can knit while doing other tasks such as watching children, reading, listening to or watching a course, or reading the newspaper?. If you have a uniform tension and know the technical aspects of the fabric, your weave will be wonderful, even without having good technique. Irish Cottage Knitting with Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (this takes a video of Stephanie's Irish Cottage knitting and slows it down, explaining what she does and how she does it).

This is a great way to knit faster if you're an English weaver and don't want to try to get used to holding the yarn with your left hand. . .